The Future Is Female.


Krysten Kauder, Founder

Krysten wanted to create a space that is like a second home. Somewhere to look forward to going to, and the comfort of being around like-minded individuals.

The Eleanor Home Base —
739 S. 3rd St. 2nd Fl.
Columbus, OH 43206
(917) 675-2726


For some lucky people, Being your own boss -  the visionary, the hustler, the problem solver - becomes more than a job. It’s a public and personal demonstration of who they are on the most pure, fundamental level. Chances are they experience the full range of emotions (maybe all before lunch). As female-centric business owners ourselves we know that first hand, Sometimes you feel unstoppable, Sometimes your brain feels deep-fried. Sometimes you want to quit and live in bed. But, who thought riding an emotional rollercoaster between confidence and vulnerability could be so amazingly rewarding? 

There’s one major, not so Pinterest-able part of entrepreneurship that doesn’t seem to get discussed so much. Speaking from experience…running your own business can get lonely. Really really lonely. Especially at the beginning. Even if you’re not working out of your guest bedroom and are already in a co-working environment. Chances are, day-to-day you won’t interact with very many people. And even if you do, it’s probably not in a super meaningful, or fulfilling way. If you’re reading this and you’re like “No way! my co-workers are like family” then that’s amazing. We love that. We want more of that. But if you’re reading this and it sounds a bit like your situation, (and you’re getting that weird tingly feeling) we want you to know, you’re not alone. We’ve felt that way too. It sucks. 

So, we had an idea about a place. A place built specifically for Columbus’ amazing boss babe community. A place to meet, collaborate and socialize offline. Somewhere likeminded innovators, influencers, creators and leaders can come together to inspire, teach and support each other. All housed in a woman focused, female friendly space that’s the perfect blend of co-working and social club. So when you need to focus, crunch and grind on todays task list, you can do that. When you need support, ideas, feedback and advice, you can get that too. 

We named it the Eleanor. Paying homage to the first First Lady to have the drive and courage to push against generations of tradition. To demand her role be more than that of the White House head hostess. Eleanor challenged herself to match her husbands presidential salary. Which she did (and some) through writing and public speaking. She also donated most of her earnings to charity. Eleanor was an amazing woman. Plus we think it’s a pretty name too.



From as early as the 1890s, women’s clubs played a major role in the Women’s Movement.. They tirelessly promoted the equality of women, and fostered professional, civic and economic enhancement for all. A mission shared by The Eleanor today.


The Eleanor is a diverse community open to all.

At the Eleanor, we believe in equality. Not just for women, but for everyone who feels marginalized for any reason. We believe in lifting women up and not pushing anyone else down. We believe in equality and cherish diversity.